If you have heard of chocolate covered espresso beans, you may have decided to try them for your espresso coffee maker or you may have decided to give them a try or get them as a gift for that certain Read more…

fear of publishing and what to do about it

You’re almost done with the whole article. You should feel relieved. Instead you feel like you’ve written a bunch of junk. It’s funny, though. At other times you’ve felt that you’ve written something worthwhile. Now, however, you feel the urge Read more…

wind power whats it all about

Now that we’re, sadly, saying goodbye to summer and facing the prospect of high heating bills, it’s a good time to consider alternative energy sources to take the bite out of our utility bills. Using wind power, while not a Read more…

How do you go about getting ADHD testing for your child or yourself? Quite a bit of information must be collected in order for a medical professional to make the official diagnosis of ADHD. Some data is obtained through clinical Read more…

minerals the precious elements of your body

When you think of precious minerals, you probably think of silver and gold. But where your health is concerned, others – like calcium and iron – are far more precious. Each of these dietary minerals is unique and carries out Read more…

a controversial solution to babies having babies

The birth control pill, also known as an oral contraceptive or simply referred to as “The Pill,” is hailed as one of the most important innovations in women’s health. Before the advent of the Pill, many women were forced to Read more…

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