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irs owes you money if you paid long distance phone taxes

The IRS has decided to give up the fight on an ongoing legal issue regarding taxes it has collected on long distance telephone services. Here is the scoop. The IRS Owes You Money If You Have Paid Long Distance Phone Read more…

tax records what you should keep and for how long

Many taxpayers are confused about how long they should keep tax records. The term “tax records” refers to your tax returns and the documents that support the information in the returns. These documents can include receipts, bank statements, 1099s, etc. Read more…

tax preparation and electronic tax preparation options 1

Just in time for tax season you will find yourself presented with this years editions of popular tax preparation programs that promise to make tax filing a breeze for the average person. Which one is right for you and what Read more…

maximize your after tax returns

If you want to minimize receiving taxable distributions from mutual fund investments, tax-efficient funds should be considered for your investment portfolio. In tax-efficient investing, the focus is not on what you earn but what you are able to keep. The Read more…

tax preparation software the good the bad and the ugly 1

The medium is the message, it’s sometimes said. Think of Franklin D Roosevelt and his “fireside chats” to the nation. In a pre-TV era, the radio was the perfect medium to “have a conversation with the American people”. He could Read more…

tax return forms 1

According to federal laws governing taxation, any person, receiving an income in one form or the other, need to pay income taxes to the government annually. But, the job of preparing tax returns, the calculations and the many tax forms Read more…

tax planning to infinity and beyond

Another year has come and gone and what’s really changed? Are you sitting in roughly the same place you were last year at this time with respect to your taxeswondering what you could have done differently in your business to Read more…

pay someone elses taxes 1

Did you know that you could make money by paying someone else’s property taxes? Thirty-one states provide a little-known investment opportunity that might be perfect for you. You could even see an annual interest return from 18% to 50%. The Read more…

accounting outsourcing nitty gritty that you need to know

Are you dreading about clearing the accounting and bookkeeping work which has piled up in your desk in view of the approaching tax season? Simply opt for accounting outsourcing to deal with the issue with ease and perfection. This is Read more…

oscars and taxes

Ratings for the Oscars were down a whopping 10 percent compared to 2005. Well, at least the Internal Revenue Service was watching. Goodie Bags Not So Goodie Actors that get nominated for an Oscar are might happy indeed. Praise rains Read more…

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