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you can build your own domestic wind turbine easily

If you are like so many other people who are just getting fed up with the way the huge energy companies are treating you, and you want to do something about it, I’ve got great news. You can easily and Read more…

what is green energy

Green energy kind of sounds like a comic book hero, doesn’t it? Of course it’s not. It is actually a way you can save hundreds, or even thousands, on your utility bills. It’s much easier than you may have thought. Read more…

is diy wind power really possible

Using the power of the wind to provide some, or all, of your household electrical needs is finally a viable option. DIY wind power is easily within the reach of the average homeowner, and the savings can be huge. Wind Read more…

wind power whats it all about

Now that we’re, sadly, saying goodbye to summer and facing the prospect of high heating bills, it’s a good time to consider alternative energy sources to take the bite out of our utility bills. Using wind power, while not a Read more…

looking for cheap energy sources youve come to the right place

No one wants to spend any more of their hard earned money on utility bills than necessary. Today we are lucky, we have options. With the advance of technology we have cheap energy sources that can help us cut, or Read more…

wind turbines for your home is it practical

As our society matures and we begin to understand and appreciate that everything we do will have an impact on our environment, we are starting to look for better ways of suppling our energy needs. Using wind turbines might just Read more…

energy windmills how can you benefit from the power of the wind

Windmills, and the concept behind them, are nothing new. People have been utilizing the power of the wind to help them accomplish their tasks for centuries. These energy windmills have grown up and now you too can use them to Read more…

wind turbines 101

With concern growing over our negative impact on the environment, many people are looking more closely than ever at alternative sources of energy. Energy sources that are renewable, inexpensive, and won’t harm the environment are at the top of the Read more…

wind power versus solar power

For anyone who is interested in saving money and is considering investing in alternative energy sources for your home you have probably narrowed your choices down between wind power and solar power. Both are good sources of renewable energy and Read more…

wind energy its worth it no matter which way the wind blows 1

Most of us have heard about the negative impact on our environment that fossil fuels have. We’ve also heard that we are running out of those fuels, not to mention getting gouged by foreign countries on the price of that Read more…

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