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five tips to slash your home finance costs 1

It’s no wonder that the majority of homeowners dream of one day being able to pay off their home loan and live a life free from the shackles of interest rates, home finance and worries about meeting the monthly mortgage Read more…

fixed rate mortgages know your rate

Nothing is ever certain in the world of finances, and there’s no way of predicting how the market will change in the future. However, if you want to be able to plan your budget precisely, then a fixed rate mortgage Read more…

foreign currency mortgages the pros and cons 1

Virtually all mortgage borrowers go with a mainstream UK lender to make the biggest purchase of their lives, it’s the done thing and to be honest most people don’t realise there is a viable alternative the foreign currency mortgage. Interest Read more…

flexible mortgage uk mortgages to specially suit the self employed 1

While a person drawing a fixed salary every month finds it easy to repay loan in fixed monthly instalments, those with a fluctuating income will find it otherwise. In order to tap the potential of the latter group, which principally Read more…

flexible payment mortgages 1

With most mortgages, your payment is the same every month. But what if your paycheck isn’t so regular? Would you like to be able to vary your mortgage payment depending on your cash flow? An option ARM — also called Read more…

mortgage companies different types of mortgage lenders

If applying for a new home loan, there are numerous mortgage lending options. New homebuyers may not know where to start. Different mortgage lenders fit different circumstances. In fact, choosing the wrong lender may result in paying more interest. With Read more…

first time home buyer mortgage programs designed just for you

So you are thinking of buying your first home? Congratulations! You are taking a big step that will help you realize the dream of many as well as build personal wealth. As a first time home buyer you should know Read more…

forever changing the st louis real estate landscape 1

A new company has emerged in the St. Louis Real Estate market. On June 15, 2006, Jim Hurley and began carving out a niche as the premier website for Expert Realtors in Metro St. Louis Missouri. The website features Read more…

first time buyers mortgage 1

Introduction: Property is an investment, and if purchased in a planned way is beneficial otherwise it may be dangerous if a high amount is borrowed. Most of the financial authorities prefer the first time buyer and offers various incentives. You Read more…

mortgage brokers the nuts and bolts 1

Using a mortgage broker to shop for home loans can make the borrowing process a lot less stressful than doing it yourself. Here are the nuts and bolts on getting a good broker. Competent Mortgage Brokers There are a couple Read more…

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