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properly funding your trading account

Although many will suggest that you can trade with the minimum margin requirement we do not necessarily recommend it. Let’s say that you are about to start trading an S&P 500 futures daytrading system. Let’s say that the exchange minimum Read more…

why you should avoid load mutual funds part 2

Copyright 2006 Michael Saville Paying a load is akin to throwing away most or all of the supposed advantage you get from having a salesman choose a fund for you. If it’s true that asset allocation accounts for 95 percent Read more…

a specialist solution to buy to let financing for up to 20 million

Copyright 2006 Geoff Morris Looking to consolidate or even improve the efficiency of your portfolio financially? Geoff Morris, of Property Horizons, discusses some interesting ways in which to finance your investment property portfolio with Suzanna Grey, an Independent Financial Advisor Read more…

a living will could save family financial ruin

You don’t need to be an economics major to figure out that if health care is going up 10% or more every year while income is only going up 4%, things are looking too good. It is entirely possible for Read more…

sip systematic investment plan

There are very few points that everybody in this world agrees upon. And the stock market unpredictability is undoubtedly one of them. Even people with several years of experience are not always able to track the stock market dynamics, thus Read more…

ways to earn good profit out of mutual fund it is more of commonsense than an art or science

Mutual funds are the vehicle that help normal individuals to invest together in equity and debt market without taking too much of risk. The mutual funds are created with predetermined investment objectives, to suit different kind of investors. More over Read more…

stocks or mutual funds

If you happen to have some money left over at the end of all the bill payments and you have no need for anymore toys, or even if you are beginning a prudent and fiscally responsible gamble on some wealth Read more…

why you should buy no load funds

Load is defined as the fee or the commission that an investor pays to a mutual fund at the time of purchasing or redeeming the shares of the mutual fund. If the commission is charged when the investor buys the Read more…

a crash course on understanding financial statements

Financial statements (or financial reports) are a record of a business’ financial flows and levels. The big four statements are: 1.Balance sheet which describes a company’s assets and liabilities. 2.Income statement which describes a company’s income and expenses. 3.Statement of Read more…

mutual fund as your alternative investment portfolio

People always say that investment is a money game with the playing rule of “high risk with high return and low risk with low risk”. You may want to invest in an investment portfolio that is able to give a Read more…

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