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term life insurance save money the smart way

Term life insurance is the easiest type of life insurance to understand. To put it simply, the insured person pays a minimal premium per thousand dollars of coverage on an annual, semi annual, quarterly or monthly basis. If he or Read more…

a money saving exercise

There is a simple money saving exercise that everyone should do at least once in their lives. It is ultimately one of the best ways to save money, because it is not about pinching pennies, but about discovering what you Read more…

the benefits of saving for your childs school finance

Defining your savings goals is the first thing to do before you invest, especially when that investment will have an impact on your child’s future. It is after-all your child’s future that you are investing in–and school finance cannot be Read more…

managing your finances once married

It’s important to plan for your financial future beforehand so you have idea of what to expect. Once you get married, most newlyweds’ open a joint checking/saving accounts Below is a list of 4 easy steps to take when determining Read more…

simple methods for getting out of credit card debt

Finding ways to get out of credit card debt can be frustrating. There are so many options and yet many people still struggle to find a way to relieve the pressure of high payments and spiraling balances. If you’re serious Read more…

a guide to accounting software

Computer software that helps in processing various financial transactions, recording them, and presenting them in the form of a report is know as accounting software. There are several functional modules in accounting software. Organizations operating on a large scale prefer Read more…

keeping up with the family finances

Staying on top of the family finances does not have to be difficult. With a little planning, your finances can be kept up to date with ease. Believe me, having a handle on your family finances goes a long way Read more…

living cheap

Does living cheap mean being miserable, or giving up what you want? Not at all. In my own case, it meant getting the things I really wanted. Spend less on each thing or activity, and you can have more of Read more…

money is about life life is about mastering money

Too often we get caught up in our lives to worry about finances. The problem is that finances are in many cases why our lives are so hectic. This phenomenon is all too common. I say “we” because I face Read more…

self help debt reduction diy debt reduction

There are many excellent companies around that can help people clear up their debt and get out from under, but a lot of people simply get embarrassed with sharing so much personal information with strangers, the good news is that Read more…

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