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our own homes are the mother of all tax shelters

When it comes to tax shelters, there’s no better or safer place than our own homes. There are a vast number of companies out there spending a lot of money on advertising trying to convince us that we should be Read more…

appealing your property taxes for apartment commercial owners

Property taxes are one of the largest line item costs incurred by apartment owners. However, many owners do not appeal effectively. Even though owners realize that property taxes can be managed and reduced through an appeal, some view taxes as Read more…

monaco and andorra tax havens raise entry price

While Monaco is a well known European tax haven, Andorra has remained little known outside of the financial community – despite enjoying the same tax advantages and arguably more private banking than her better known rival. In contrast to the Read more…

obtaining a federal income tax refund

“You’re getting an income tax refund”! Those are the words that every taxpayer would love to hear. A federal income tax refund occurs if the tax you owe is less than the sum of the total amount of refundable tax Read more…

irs obtains more than 100 injunctions against tax scheme promoters

The IRS has obtained civil injunctions against more than 100 promoters of illegal tax avoidance schemes and fraudulent return preparers in an ongoing crackdown that began in 2001. Many of the injunctions, obtained in cooperation with the Department of Justice, Read more…

tax tips for ebay sellers turning personal expenses into business expenses

Few people realize that starting a side-business on eBay is actually a great way to save money on your taxes. The trick is to make sure you’re putting all the additional expenses you incur against your additional income. Running an Read more…

overview of the almighty tax deduction for small businesses

Taxes are the great bane of most businesses. Alas, tax deductions act as a salve to cool the burning and itching of your bank account. Overview of the Almighty Tax Deduction for Small Businesses The tax system in the United Read more…

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