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how to invest your money by doing the obvious

I was busy baking cookies and washing up dishes when the phone rang. As I juggled dish towels, phone cord and running children the voice on the other end told me that she was a client from over a year Read more…

1 in 3 people owed tax refund

There are 30 million taxpayers in the UK and, according to the latest research by tax refund company Refunds Direct, around 1 in 3 are owed a tax refund. Alarmingly, one of the most common payment mistake areas is income Read more…

0 balance transfer credit card are they worth it

It’s a plastic ocean out there with numerous banks and financial institutions scrambling to sell you their 0 balance transfer credit card. And there are so many kinds of credit cards available in the market that a credit card user Read more…

no money down loans

You want to buy a home but you do not have money for a down payment or for closing costs? Well, just forget it. At least that is what you have probably been told by people who think they know Read more…

how to hide assets

In social functions, I always get asked about “How do I hide my assets?” From who are you trying to hide your assets from? Is there a legitimate way to hide your assets? You will know if you have succeeded Read more…

no equity home loans could fix leaking roofs but cost you a house

If you could wish yourself somewhere else, you would. Bills are mounting, the roof is leaking, and you’re in the middle of the worst rainy season in recent memory. For the moment, however, you’re pressed for time and strapped for Read more…

how to get very cheap life insurance online in new hampshire 1

One way to get cheap life insurance in New Hampshire or anywhere else is to buy your life insurance today rather than tomorrow. This is a slight exaggeration, obviously, but with each birthday that passes you will find your life Read more…

0 apr credit card coping with your finances

Credit cards are a big responsibility. When they are used improperly, they can disrupt your future financial solvency and cause you other cash flow problems. The more you know about credit, the more likely you will use this powerful tool Read more…

0 apr credit cards the high interest rate solution

Over the past two years, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates substantially. Consequently, credit card annual percentage rates have followed suit. Nearly all credit cards tie their interest rates to the prime rate, which has doubled to 8% from Read more…

0 apr balance transfers credit cards three top choices

There is a lot of interest in 0% APR Balance Transfer credit cards because of the tremendous savings possibilities they offer. You don’t have to be an MIT graduate to understand that the 20% you are paying to a high-interest Read more…

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