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tried and true methods for not letting your allergies get the best of you

Sometimes, allergic symptoms are so severe that it’s hard to be around animals, like cats or dogs, or even walk outside! Depending on your allergic triggers, it can seem like an insurmountable problem. Read the tips in this article to Read more…

food allergies

Have you ever tried some food that made rashes on your body? Have you itchiness around your eyes, nose, throat and body skin? What is actually happened with your body is that it reacts on the food and that is Read more…

mold allergies learn about the symptoms

Mold allergies are one of the main health problems that affect people of all ages. There are thousands of molds, although some of them do not cause any allergies at all. In fact there are only about 12 different kinds Read more…

natural remedies and treatments for allergies

When allergies strike, most allergy sufferers head to the drugstore where they purchase an antihistamine. They take it, and soon their symptoms begin to subside. They’re all set until the next outburst. Over-the-counter antihistamines are effective but unfortunately, taking them Read more…

allergy relief air purifier

The majority of our time every day is spent indoors. Usually, people are not thinking about how much air inside of the home may be harmful and totally unaware that it contains airborne contaminants which are just as bad as Read more…

the rise of allergies and asthma

It is estimated that over half of Americans between the ages of 6 and 59 would test positive to one or more allergens. About one quarter of these people would be allergic to dust mites, ragweed or cockroaches. Surveys suggest Read more…

food allergy awareness be prepared with these tips and a medical alert wallet

It’s rare that you hear of someone dying from food allergies, but when it happens, it usually reaches national news. Why? Because food is something we eat every day – several times a day – and everyone should be aware Read more…

mold allergies

Damp places are usually thrived with the little things seen only by microscope, known as mold spores. Still, no matter of the small size of mold spores, they may be very dangerous for the people who are allergic on them Read more…

you can recover from chemical sensitivities and allergies

I used to have severe reactions to fragrances and many other chemicals in our air. I was practically allergic to everything, including lots of foods and pollen. For a while there, I was housebound. First, I bought an air purifier Read more…

testing for allergies 1

Allergy Tests Allergy tests are simple, quick, and relatively painless. And they’re the best way to confirm whether or not a particular allergen (or allergens) will cause a person to have an allergic reaction. Typically a person will suspect that Read more…

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