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discovering the wonders

Even before the dawn of modern civilization, essential oils have been derived and used to heal, relax, and restore people. History says that Egyptians first administered the use of these essential oils in their everyday lives. But, because of the Read more…

cooking up good 2

Aromatherapy is a wonderful natural alternative to modern medicine when it comes to treating common ailments and mood swings. In aromatherapy, there is no risk of ingesting blends of herbs that may have harmful or adverse effects on us. Aromatherapy Read more…

the power of touch and the benefit of scents 2

The etymology of the word massage can be traced back to the Greek word “massein” which loosely translated means “to knead”. In our hectic, fast paced lifestyle, the massage has become a thing of luxury and indulgence. However, in as Read more…

benefits of aromatherapy 1

Aromatherapy, like all new age practices, is riding on to successville. Everyone wants to try some yoga or have a massage with scents that will relax not only your body but also your soul. But along with its increasing popularity Read more…

aromatherapy bottle 1

Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to feel revitalized because of the stresses brought about by work or by the people at home. While some may want to do this treatment in the spa, others who are budget conscious Read more…

light up your mood and senses with aromatherapy candles 1

Of all the aromatherapy products available in the market today, aromatherapy candles are the most popular ones. Available in hundreds of scents, sizes, designs, shapes, colors, and textures, aromatherapy candles are preferred by most people because they are convenient and Read more…

massage your way to better well being

Aromatherapy is a wonderfully natural way to treat common ailments. It works by stimulating the connection between the brain and body by using the olfactory sense as a point of stimuli. The use of aromatherapy can be incorporated into daily Read more…

handing out presents in aromatherapy gift baskets

Christmas is right around the corner holiday shoppers are out there in the malls looking for something ideal for friends and family members. The children will get toys while the grownups will probably get a book or a piece of Read more…

the benefits of aromatherapy through aromatherapy diffuser 1

The term “aromatherapy” was first heard from the lips of Rene Maurice Gattefosse, a French chemist who discovered the healing method in the 1920s. Referred to as the practice of using aromatherapy essential oils derived from different parts of certain Read more…

knowing different aromatherapy products 1

In the world of healing and medicine, there have been a lot of advances when it comes to curing different kinds of illnesses. Over the years, more and more people in the medical field are out to discovering different medicines Read more…

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