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synopsis about bed bugs

how you can find bed bugs in your house

Bed bugs are small insect present everywhere at your home, your working place, garden etc. You find them anywhere and cannot avoid them because of banning of bed bug killing medicine DDT. In 1950 and 1960, bed bugs are eliminated Read more…

dont infest your homes with bedbugs 2

The greatest enemy of your sweet sleep stays right there with you to attack in the darkness of night. Yes! The bedbug that concentrate in the corners of bed and attack after you fall asleep. Their presence is not attached Read more…

how you can identify the bed bug

If you wake up early in the morning and go out for a walk and feel some red spot on your body with lots of itching on it then you must be bitten by bed bugs last night. Bed bugs Read more…

how you can svoid bed bugs by using pesticides

When you are planning to make your home clean from bed bugs you should use pesticide. Before performing this task you should proper plan the strategy for killing bed bugs. There are number of pesticides available in market for controlling Read more…

facts behind dont allow bed bugs to bite

Bed bugs are blood sucking insects and can play villain’s role in ones life quite easily. Because they do not need any welcome from people before infesting their homes. These unwanted parasites habitually live in warm environments of your house Read more…

bedbugs night predators

Tiny reddish-brown parasites called Cimex lectularius , usually known as bedbugs, feed on blood of animals and humans. In 40’s and 50’s, pesticides were used frequently that caused the eradication of these bugs from America. But later invention of more Read more…

bed bugs breathe your last breath 1

Bed bugs had become serious issue during medieval and Aristotle times and their number grow so rapidly that 60 out of 100 homes have bed bugs. These tiny creatures often move and attack when its host is sleeping. Bed bugs Read more…

how you can avoid bed bugs bite 1

The most notorious and irritating pests are bed bugs. Bed bugs bites create lots of problems like itchy and allergies. Bed bug bites have different symptoms on different people. Saliva of the bed bug when it injects on skin, create Read more…

how you can control the growth of pests like bed bugs

Pest not only affects the human but they also affect the crops. They play an important role in the production of crops. Not only production of crops affected but also they spread disease. For preventing diseases from pest both in Read more…

remedy against distribution and spread of bed bugs

Bed bugs are tiny oval shaped wingless creatures. They are about four to five millimeters in length that you can hardly see. Bed bugs used to crawl, but it is noteworthy that they are swift runner among other insects. Bed Read more…

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