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why is it difficult to stop smoking

Why stop smoking? Some people stop smoking as they cannot afford it anymore. Some quit it as a precautionary measure looking at their degrading health. People who overlook the hazardous effects of smoking and continue smoking pay a heavy price Read more…

when people quit smoking is weight gain unavoidable

There are a lot of people who smoke out there who, among other reasons, are afraid to try to quit smoking cigarettes for the fear of what they think is inevitable weight gain. Almost everyone they know who has successfully Read more…

you wont get fat when stop smoking if you dont overeat

Another frequently-repeated rationalization for the cigarette habit is: “I’d like to stop smoking, but every time I do I gain weight. And it’s worse to be overweight than it is to smoke.” The good news is, not all smokers who Read more…

ways that you can avoid the triggers of cravings when you are quitting smoking

Another cigarette goes off the box… before he knew it, Dan was puffing away another cigarette. Dan used to say “But you don’t understand… my work just gets to me, I need something for my stress! People there are smoking Read more…

why should i quit smoking

Why should you quit smoking? Ah let me count the ways. Perhaps the better question by far is why in hell wouldn’t you quit smoking? Lung cancer directly caused by smoking surpassed all other causes of death in the 1950’s Read more…

symptoms of detoxification when you quit smoking 317

Smoking is an addiction that is connected with both your body and your mind. Your body will start to detoxify itself shortly after your last cigarette. Nicotine increases the levels of pleasure inducing chemicals in your brain. It also acts Read more…

the allure and dangers of smoking 1

During the ’80s, many men and women were attracted by the advertising campaign launched by Philip Morris. Filmed in the beautiful outdoors, the television advertisements showed the hardy cowboy lighting a cigarrette, relaxing in front of a camp fire after Read more…

why do some fail to quit smoking

Most smokers, when you ask them, will claim that even though they smoke everyday, they really do want to quit smoking. However, the number one reason some smokers don’t quit is because deep down inside, they really do not want Read more…

stop smoking through meditation

Both self-help groups and clinics offer the quit smoking support programs. Most of these programs are run by professionals and can be customized to meet your needs. You can either attend an intensive quit smoking support program that runs for Read more…

wake up and smell the flowers why smoking is slowly killing you

Smoking is really hard habit to break and even if there is a warning that usually found on some cigarette label packs such as “Smoking is hazardous to you health” for example, still there are many people who are ignoring Read more…

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