Child Obesity In Today’s World

child obesity in todays world 1

Child obesity rates are soaring just as high as adult statistics and this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed straight away!! Most child obesity problems stem from the fact that the child was bigger when they were younger therefore the problem was inevitably going to come back. It is so easy to gain weight in a world that convenience foods are most peoples answer to a good and proper meal, and where parents think that food should be used as a reward for children doing something good, all they are doing is contributing to civilizations biggest problem and dooming their child to a life of fatdom.

There are many emotional drawbacks as well as physical drawbacks when it comes to child obesity. When the child goes to school he will automatically become a target for school bullies, the other children will pick on him and he will begin to get depressed and loose interest in school when school should be the happiest time of any child’s life! To prevent this from happening measures need to be taken to loose the weight of your child.

There are also some serious physical drawbacks to having an obese child, he will be a target for chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, bowel cancer and high cholesterol. Those are only some of the more serious problems he will face, other more general problems will be day to day activities will be hindered by his size, nice clothes wont fit him, general movement will be slow as all the extra weight causes pressure on his organs and muscles.

More often than not though once obesity is caught at a young age it can be prevented but when the child gets older to know the difference he must watch what he eats and take care of his health. He is advised to regularly exercise, but this does not mean going to a gym, going out to play football or going to the park are all good things he can be doing to get rid of his excess weight. The parents need to take a look at their lifestyle as well childhood obesity stems from the fact that the parents are not setting a good example and letting their children get grossly overweight.

All this trouble and anxiety can all be prevented with a sensible eating plan and moderate exercise. Don’t waste time trying to fix the problem once its happened, save time before it has happened and prevent the problem!

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