How Can I Use Wind Power To Save On My Energy Bills?

how can i use wind power to save on my energy bills

The huge wind farms with the gigantic turbines have been around for years, but now technology has advanced to the point where we can convert the wind power into electricity more efficiently which has made smaller turbines feasible for home use.

Todays turbines are small enough to fit on your rooftop, but can still provide significant amounts of electricity for your home.

You can realistically save a significant amount of money on your utility bills by installing your own turbine. One small wind turbine can generate around 60% of the energy you’ll need for your home use which makes it worthwhile, particularly if you consider how cheap they are to build.

Building your own turbine will cost a fraction of what it would if you bought one so you can get your money back much sooner. The average cost of buying a turbine will be around $600 and up, but if you build your own it will only cost about $200. That’s a pretty big difference.

By building your own turbine for $200 you can recoup that investment in a few months of lower energy bills, but if you bought one for a few thousand dollars it would take a few years to recoup that money.

Before you start to build your own turbine you will need to get directions that can easily show you all the steps to take. You don’t have to be a carpenter or an engineer in order to build your own turbine.

Yes, you really can benefit from wind power and it won’t cost much in terms of money or time. Add to the savings by taking some simple steps to weather proof your home and you can recoup that investment even sooner.

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