Is DIY Wind Power Really Possible?

is diy wind power really possible

Using the power of the wind to provide some, or all, of your household electrical needs is finally a viable option. DIY wind power is easily within the reach of the average homeowner, and the savings can be huge.

Wind power is converted into electricity by a wind turbine. When it comes to turbines bigger has always been better. It just wasn’t feasible to make a smaller sized turbine, you couldn’t generate enough electricity to make it worthwhile…until now.

Due to technological advances it is now possible to generate enough energy from a small sized turbine to make it attractive to homeowners.

While it is still true that one small turbine won’t be enough to provide all the electrical needs of your household, you can still get a significant savings on your utility bill.

If you choose to build your own turbine, which is easy and inexpensive enough for anyone to do, you will recoup the savings on your turbine in several months. If you buy a turbine the time it takes to get your money back will be several years.

In order to build your own turbine there are three basic things you will need to do:

1. Buy an instruction manual. A good manual will provide easy to understand instructions that will take you through the whole process. It should also provide a clear list of all the parts you will need to buy.

2. You will need to buy the parts. While there can be some variation in different parts of the country, on average your parts shouldn’t be more than $200 total. The parts can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store.

3. Take a day, or two, and assemble your turbine. Remember you don’t need to be an engineer or have any special skills.

DIY wind power is not only possible, it’s practical. It’s an easy, and satisfying, way to generate some or all of your electrical needs. You will save yourself a bundle on utility costs for years to come.

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