Want To Buy A Car After Graduation? Opt For Driver’s Edge Card For College Students

There are very few people who have not heard of Citibank. The renowned company serves and caters to the needs of frequent travelers, business personnel as well as students. The Citi Driver’s Edge Card for College Students is one such card that caters to the needs of students. The card is part of the Thank You Network.

Benefits of the Card

The card permits the students to earn rebates for the purchase of a new, used or leased car each time the student uses his/her card to make a purchase.

The card also permits you to earn 3% rebates at the drugstores, grocery stores or gas stations. On all the other purchases you make, you will be getting a 1% rebate. You can further gain rebates for the number of miles that you drive. All the points you gather can be used for purchasing a vehicle, only that the maximum amount of points that can be redeemed per vehicle is $5000.

The card has all the benefits offered by the other Citi student credit cards. The Citi Driver’s Edge Card for College Students lets you shop with confidence whether you are buying online or from retail outlets. It shields you from credit card theft as well as identity theft. Furthermore, you can avail of customer service whenever you wish.

The card offers 0% annual percentage rate (APR) for the initial six months on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances. However, the regular APR is fixed at 18.24%. There is no annual fee and balance transfer fee.

Other Benefits

As a student, you will enjoy a 25% discount to shop for books at Peterson.com. (Peterson is a well-known career and educational advisory body). The card understands you and enables you to utilize all your accumulated rebates over a period of 5 years at the maximum, for repairing or servicing your car.

For better security, there is the provision of adding your photo to the face of the credit card. This will stop anyone from stealing and utilizing your card at a retail establishment. This photo ID is practical always.

The card further provides the benefit of zero liability for unauthorized purchases policy, which gives you mental peace. You can avail of the customer service 24/7, that too via the toll free telephone. The privilege of accessing your account online also comes with the card.

The free protection services that come with card include fraud early warning block, online guarantee and lost wallet service, making you feel secure, which is akin to the Citibank policies.

Added Advantages

The Driver’s Edge Card for College Students comes along with other common benefits like many Internet account related services, emergency card and cash replacement, medical and legal referral services and different travel and emergency assistant services.

The card further provides automatic bill payments, auto rental discounts, and a maximum of $1000000 in travel accident insurance and many more facilities.

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