Wind Turbines For Your Home – Is It Practical

wind turbines for your home is it practical

As our society matures and we begin to understand and appreciate that everything we do will have an impact on our environment, we are starting to look for better ways of suppling our energy needs. Using wind turbines might just be one of those alternative sources of energy.

You’ve probably seen the huge expanses of giant wind mills scattered around the country. The real question is: can you put that same technology to work for you on a smaller scale?

A lot of the ‘wind experts’ say no, you can’t. They claim that you can’t get enough energy from a small turbine; anything small enough to fit in your backyard wouldn’t generate enough electricity to power your home.

The bad news is they are right, the good news is that they are wrong. Let me explain.

While it’s true that a small wind turbine won’t meet all of the electrical needs of your home it can still supply a portion of the electricity you will need. You can generate upwards of 60% of the electricity your home needs with one wind turbine, on average.

Most of the ‘experts’ seem to have an all or nothing philosophy: if you can’t generate enough electricity to allow you to cut yourself out of the grid than it’s not worth it.

Many homeowners, on the other hand, are just looking for ways to go green and save some money so any little bit of electricity they can supply for themselves is well worth it, particularly when you consider that you can build your own turbine for a few hundred dollars.

So if you want to save yourself some money while doing your part to help out the planet, you should consider building and installing your own home wind turbines. Don’t worry about the ‘experts’ they’re all just full of hot air anyway!

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